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Questions Answered

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Why Should I try Reformer Pilates?

The use of springs, straps and the carriage in a

Pilates Reformer class makes it a low impact fitness option, perfect for treating an injury. Lying on the carriage keeps the range of movements on a horizontal plane, taking any pressure off weak or damaged knees and ankles. The low impact nature also means you can do it multiple times a week, and this consistency is key to seeing long-lasting health benefits.


The bars and straps with loops of the reformer guarantee you'll move your body through a full range of motion — something

you might not be able to do on your own. When you hold the loops in your hands or attach the loops to your feet, you can't help but extend to the fullest to follow their track.


You may hear that Pilates lengthens the muscles, which isn't really possible. What it does do is give you the appearance of greater length because you find this full range of motion and train to maintain it day in and day out. You'll look taller, slimmer and sleeker as a result of regular reformer workouts.

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What are the benefits of a Pilates Reformer practice?

CORE STRENGTH:  Your core is more than just your abdominals.  It is the space from your shoulders to your hips.  Everything you do stems from the core, which is why it is so important to have a strong one!   You will learn to activate the deeper muscles that help keep your trunk and pelvis stable.

INCREASE FLEXIBILITY:  The Reformer helps safely control stretches while working with resistance. Over time you will learn to stay engaged  while you increase flexibilty.

IMPROVE ALIGNMENT & BODY AWARENESS:  When you engage the right muscles for every move, it leads to better body control, teaching you proper body alignment and corrects asymmetries, helping to prevent pain and injuries. 

REDUCES STRESS:  Pilates helps the mind focus on the present. Breathing properly while exercising triggers the brain to calm down. 


What should I expect when I go to my first Reformer class?


You will need to bring your own pair of sticky socks with you, for your comfort, safety, and for the cleanliness of the machines.  Sometimes your feet will get cold, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible.  The sticky part helps you stay stable on the footbar and machine.  No one wants to slip.  And it helps to keep everything sanitary.  Don't worry if you don't have any, we have pairs to buy at the studio.   


If this is your first class, you will need to be patient with yourself.  You will not learn everything in one day.  There is a learning curve, and we are here to help you.  If you are new, please set up a FREE consultation with us so we can help you become comfortable with the machine. We will decide together during this time if you are ready to attend classes or need a few Private Sessions.

Booking your class

You will need to pre-register for all of your Reformer classes.  No walk-ins please.  Registration is done online through the MindBody App or through our website.  We want to know you are coming.  If there is only one person signed up, we will reach out to you about options for class.  There is a 12 hour cancellation window. For more information, see PRICING.

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