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Client Love

"Stephanie always offers encouragement and guidance during each class, as do all the other instructors. I am always amazed at how much knowledge each instructor has about exercise, anatomy, injury work-a-rounds."

"There are many reasons I love going to Peace of Mind Pilates. Exercise is not something I’m motivated to do on my own. Classes work best and the classes at POMP are wonderful. They are full of laughter and a sense of community"

-Sandy L.

"When I began I could only do the minimum and I would be very sore for

a day or two. I stuck with it and now I try to do a Pilates or

Barre class  once or twice a week."

"I have done yoga for many years and I value the focus, balance and stretching that it offers. Yoga has helped my back and joint pain, but I didn’t realize my lack of core strength until I began Pilates and other classes at POMP. The classes have made my core so much stronger and eliminated my back pain! I can enjoy so many more activities now. It’s great and I look forward to going every week." 

-Lissa B.

"Thank you Stephanie for the goodness you bring to my

workouts & all those around you."

I started at POMP doing Pilates with Stephanie about 5 months ago & I have to say this isn't only about getting out to get my body healthy, it has had a surprisingly positive effect on my mind! Stephanie & the Pilates Tribe have made me feel welcomed & I have never laughed so much while doing something healthy for myself. I LOVE her classes & I hate missing even one. Thanks to POMP I also started something new, Barre with another amazing woman, Danielle.” 

-Nancy K.

"Peace of Mind Pilates has changed my life! I have always been active but have never enjoyed exercising as much as I do at POMP. All the teachers are knowledgeable and down to earth.  We always work out hard but also laugh a lot! I feel strong and fit and appreciate my body more than I ever have. You should come!"

-Jeanne G.

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