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Reformer Class Descriptions

Building a stronger core

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Reformer 101

This class is the perfect entry into reformer classes if you’re new to equipment-based Pilates workouts or if you're looking to perfect the Essential exercises in a safe and structured environment.

The pace of these classes allow participants to learn safe and effective techniques to carry forward into other group classes.


Class is limited, please sign up ahead and let us know if you have any serious injuries or limitations.

Reformer Flow

Moving at a slightly slower pace than our Sculpt Class, this class will flow through creative sequences that combine traditional and contemporary exercises that target all areas of your body, with an emphasis on building a strong core. Feedback from the springs will encourage deeper muscle engagement and bring awareness to the mechanics of your body. You will finish feeling strong, stretched and connected! This class is perfect for beginners.

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Reformer Sculpt

Our signature reformer class.

This up-tempo reformer class will work on enhancing your balance, flexibility, & core strength, sculpting lean muscles.

This full-body workout will move through uniquely designed strengthening moves and creative and effective stretches on the reformer to challenge and tone your weak areas while elongating tight ones. Leave feeling refreshed and aligned to take on the rest of your day.

*If you are new to reformer, we suggest that you begin with an Intro class or Flow class before attending our Sculpt class.

Reformer Power Hour

This moderate to fast paced class incorporates quick transitions and will introduce you to more advanced exercises. This next level class is geared towards individuals who have taken many Reformer classes and feel like they are fluid with transitions and want to work a bit harder. 

*We strongly encourage you to have taken many Sculpt classes before attending the Power Hour class.

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Reformer Jumpboard

In this class, a Jumpboard is attached to the front end of the Reformer machine near the springs. Jumpboard classes are aerobic; you get the best of a cardio workout without the high-impact. A Jumpboard practice can help you improve strength, coordination and flexibility.  You might get the feeling you are on a trampoline but you will be lying down with your spine and body in a safer alignment. Jumpboard is a form of cardiovascular training without putting pressure on the joints. The Pilates jump board can be used to add variety and low impact cardio to your reformer workout. It can also be used for non-jumping exercises targeting your core, upper, and lower body. 


Looking for that floaty, free feeling you had as a kid when you were momentarily suspended in the air? Come try a Jumpboard class today! 

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