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The Reformer Room

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4 Week Beginner Reformer Series

Sundays, starting April 2nd - 30th at 12pm

(no class on 4/9)
with Lee

In this 4-week reformer series, you will practice mastering basic movements on the Pilates Reformer machine so you feel prepared to enter any weekly class. You will move your body in all planes to get the ultimate full-body workout. Classes will focus on form and alignment, providing modifications and simple progressions to meet all needs.

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Reformer Fundamentals Classes

April 21st, 5:30pm

New to reformer, or maybe its just been while? Take this beginner class to get comfortable on the reformer and feel all the benefits of this magical machine. This class is the perfect entry into reformer classes if you’re new to equipment-based Pilates workouts or if you're looking to perfect the Essential exercises in a safe and structured environment.The pace of these classes allow participants to learn safe and effective techniques to carry forward into other group classes. Class is limited to 8 participants, please sign up ahead and let us know if you have any serious injuries or limitations.

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What is a Reformer, you may ask?

The reformer is a piece of equipment that was invented by Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates.  It is a bed-like frame, with a carriage on it that moves back and forth, attatched by a set of springs.  There are straps attached  to one end, used for arms and legs, pushing and pulling.

Here is a great article to read from PilatesAnytime.

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