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The Reformer Room

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The Reformer Room Schedule

MONDAY                    9am

TUESDAY                    9am, 4pm & 5:30 pm

WEDNESDAY              8:15 am & 9:15 am

THURSDAY                 4pm & *5:30 pm

SATURDAY                  7:30 am & *9am

SUNDAY                      3pm

* These classes indicate they are Level 2. 
This next level class is geared towards individuals who have taken many Reformer1 classes and feel like they are fluid with transitions and want to work a bit harder.  You will need to confirm you are ready for this class with Stephanie ahead of time.  Class moves at a faster pace.

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What is a Reformer, you may ask?

The reformer is a piece of equipment that was invented by Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates.  It is a bed-like frame, with a carriage on it that moves back and forth, attatched by a set of springs.  There are straps attached  to one end, used for arms and legs, pushing and pulling.

Here is a great article to read from PilatesAnytime.