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The Reformer Room

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21 Essex Way, Suite 209

(Near Essex Cinemas)

We have been looking forward to this for a long time!  The Reformer Room will be dedicated to small group Pilates reformer classes and private sessions. 

 Location: 21 Essex Way, Suite 209 

Class schedule is posted and updated regularly.

What is a Reformer, you may ask?

The reformer is a piece of equipment that was invented by Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates.  It is a bed-like frame, with a carriage on it that moves back and forth, attatched by a set of springs.  There are straps attached  to one end, used for arms and legs, pushing and pulling.

Here is a great article to read from PilatesAnytime.

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The Reformer Room

4 Carmichael Street Suite 108, Essex Junction, Vermont
We are located next to the UPS Store and Cody's.

21 Essex Way Suite 209, Essex Junction, Vermont

Located at the Essex Experience near Purple Sage.

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