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Becca Clough


Becca lives in Underhill with her husband, Tobin and 2 daughters, Summer, 11 and Violet, 8. Exercising daily makes me a better mom and spouse. I'm proud that my girls think that I'm strong. I want to inspire them to take care of their bodies. I love to workout with my husband and kids, it's a fun way to be together; staying active, healthy and happy. 
You can find Becca on Tuesday mornings teaching TRX.


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Deb Malgeri


Deb has practiced yoga for 30 years. A 200 hr RYS instructor trained at Yoga Vermont, and has  experience teaching since 2011 for EJRP, Survivorship Now, and certified with Bodhi and Mind. She has participated in the Stowe Weekend for Hope, and the Women’s Health and Cancer Conferences.
"My intention is to help you feel the alignment of the body while connecting breath with movement. Uniting the mind, body and spirit brings your yoga into a meditative space. Having some fun and laughter is also an important component, I find it leads one to finding that place between hardness and softness."

Geri Ann Higgins

Hatha Yoga,  Singing Bowl Meditation

Geri Ann has enjoyed practicing yoga and Pilates for many years. In addition to teaching yoga and leading meditation, Geri Ann is also certified as a Health & Wellness Coach, Yoga4Cancer Teacher and in Biofield Tuning.  She is a Reiki Master, Tarot Coach, and Marketing and Communications professional. Geri Ann loves to write, walk, act (preferably in comedies), kayak, and spend time with family and friends.  She loves to share positive energy and hopes to see you at one of her classes! ⁠She also has a wellness blog at

Joann Engelberth


Joann’s classes will inspire you with deep teachings of yoga philosophy skillfully woven throughout her classes. She compassionately guides you so students feel welcomed, supported, safe and valued, keeping the teachings accessible to a wide variety of students. 

Joann has been teaching Hatha Yoga and Yin yoga since 2017. She is a  E-RYT® 200 hour, RYT® 500 hour, YACEP® Certified Yoga teacher. Joann also brings 18 years of Personal training experience, specializing in pre & post rehabilitative work, to her instruction. She holds an ACE Personal Training certification and is a Balanced Body pilates instructor. 

Joann’s work with people who want to grow from stress and injury calls her to regularly increase her knowledge. She continues her studies in pain science; yoga philosophy; trauma healing; fascia studies; biomechanics and neurobiology. Joann is also a certified TRE provider (Tension & Trauma Release Exercise) and assists at TRE® provider Level 1&2 certification training programs. 

Joann has 3 teenagers and enjoys foraging in the woods, paddling, and anything in the snow and cold (including yoga)! 

In her words, “Yoga is my path for growing myself up. By cultivating awareness, acceptance, and aligned action, I am better able to care for my heart, body, and mind and I aim to share these gifts in my teaching. When I first began yoga in my 20s it was for the challenging movement practice and included some weird breathing. Although I thought yoga was exercise, I now see how incredibly diverse, healing, and accessible yoga can be.”

Laura Bristol

Pilates, Pilates Reformer

A local Vermonter, Laura graduated from the University of Vermont with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2013.  Shortly in to her practice as a new graduate, she was introduced to Pilates by a co-worker and mentor.  It immediately sparked an interest and became something she was inspired to pursue.  Laura finished a 6 month comprehensive Pilates training through Polestar in June 2019.  She is very excited not only to incorporate a Pilates based approach with her PT patients, but also to offer her experience and expertise in group classes and private sessions.  Laura is passionate about helping people enhance their body awareness while improving strength, mobility and coordination so her clients can continue to move through their lives pain free, with strength and grace.  

When not in the studio, Laura enjoys spending time at her family's summer camp on the lake in Colchester, skiing and knitting in the winter months, and soaking up cuddle time with her big dog Bruin. 

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Lee Diamond

Yoga, Reformer

Lee discovered the power of yoga in 2001 when digestive issues from stress wreaked havoc on her body. She believes the body has the power to heal itself if we slow down enough to given it a chance.

Lee has been teaching yoga since 2013 after completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training at UVM with John McConnell. She has experience with several types of yoga including Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga, Katonah Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin yoga, Yoga Nidra and Principle-Based Partner Yoga™.  Lee encourages the use of props to make the yoga practice accessible for all bodies. Class may include a pranayama practice or meditation as well as an asana practice that focuses on activating fascial lines to increase stability, mobility and range of control. There will be no judgement so check your ego at the door!

Lee taught yoga classes for several years at “MMU After Dark” and was the original organizer of “Yoga On Church Street” in Burlington, VT. When not in the studio, Lee enjoys taking long walks with friends on back roads or jumping in the Huntington river near her home. In winter you can find her snowshoeing on VAST and MALT trails. Lee lives with her husband Luke and her basenji-lab mix Parker in Richmond.

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Lissy Wolf

Pilates Reformer

An operating room nurse for more than a decade, Elizabeth “Lissy” Wolf has found true joy in her second career act—as a Polestar-educated and certified Pilates instructor. Making good use of her registered nursing knowledge, she specializes in designing Pilates-focused fitness programs for injury rehabilitation as well as for physically challenged and older age groups. An experienced massage therapist and former Kundalini yoga instructor, Lissy has the ability to incorporate the body-mind awareness features of both these practices into her current program offerings, where appropriate.
Lissy teaches both mat and reformer Pilates. Lissy is the proud mother of two exceptional daughters, both graduates of UVM. She lives in Shelburne with her rescue dog, Calvin. Lissy is thrilled to be teaching classes at Peace of Mind Studio.

Meghan Jaird 

Cardio Kickboxing, TRX

Meghan Jaird has taught mixed martial arts fitness classes for seven years.  In addition to teaching empowering kickboxing classes, Meghan is also trained in indoor cycling instruction and has taught HIIT and interval training classes.  Meghan currently works at the University of Vermont as Assistant Director of Student Services and is working towards a M.Ed in Educational Leadership at UVM. In her spare time, she enjoys running, traveling and learning about different cultures and reading (primarily historical or inspirational non-fiction).


Rachel Hershy

Pilates, Pilates Reformer

Rachel began studying Pilates twenty years ago in New Jersey with her mom. Throughout her travels, it has remained a common thread in her life and exercise routine. Rachel holds a Masters degree in Double Bass Performance, and she is interested in how Pilates can help people with occupational anomalies and injuries. Rachel has found her Pilates family here in Vermont at Peace of Mind Pilates and is eager to teach, practice and grow fresh out of Balanced Body’s Teacher Training. Rachel lives with her husband, daughter and dog. When not on the mat, Rachel enjoys weight-lifting, cooking/baking, and live music.

Susan Hartman

Pilates, yoga, Pilates Reformer

Susan discovered Pilates and Yoga in the early 2000’s when on a journey of self-healing, and loves how these practices emphasize body awareness and the connection of breath to movement.  Susan is Power Pilates Core Mat Level 1 & 2 Certified, and is Balanced Body Reformer level 1 & level 2 Certified.  Susan has been teaching Pilates mat classes since 2016. She is also a 200-hour registered yoga teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. Susan recognizes that each student is working from a different starting point and encourages her students to fully connect to their bodies while disconnecting from perceived limitations, and to appreciate the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of a consistent practice. Outside of the studio she can be found walking in the woods, enjoying a sunny day on her paddle board or cozying up with a book or classic film.

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Stephanie Robinson

Owner, Peace of Mind Pilates
Pilates, Pilates Reformer, 
Barre, & TRX

Stephanie has been teaching a Pilates and Yoga blend class since 2006. In 2011, Stephanie started taking some ballet barre inspired classes and was hooked. Not only did she love how the class made her feel she loved how it changed her mind, body and spirit. Instantly she knew this was something she was going to learn and bring to others! Stephanie is Power Pilates Core Mat Level 1 & 2 Certified. She is also Balanced Body Reformer level 1 & 2 Certified. Stephanie believes that it is important for everyone to feel comfortable in her classes and and in her studio at all times.  She believes Pilates is for Every Body!
Stephanie is married to the man of her dreams and has 3 amazing sons.
When she is not teaching class you can find her on her paddleboard.

 “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”  

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