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Starting July 6th, 9am (for six weeks)
Reformer 1 includes an introduction to safely using the Pilates Reformer for a wide variety of supine, seated and standing exercises for the beginning to intermediate student.

As a new instructor to Reformer, we are offering these first 5 classes at a discounted rate of $15.

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The Introduction to TRE® & Yoga workshop series invites you to join a group of not more than 12 participants in Peace of Mind’s NEW larger studio space to come together to learn how to use the powerful healing practices of TRE® & Yoga to elicit your body’s own natural neurogenic tremor response.
Read more about it here,

TRE® & Yoga Workshop Series

Move Better

Feel Stronger

Stand Taller

Strong body, strong mind


Studio Classes

We offer a variety of classes at our studio. From Pilates and yoga, to TRX. kickboxing and barre classes. These classes are for all levels and are taught by inspiring instructors....

Reformer Room Classes

Welcome to our newest addition!  We are so excited to offer you these amazing classes.  The location is different, but very close to our original spot. 

25 Essex Way, Suite 209

Right near the Essex Cinemas.  We are offering small group reformer classes, as well as our private sessions.... 

Private Sessions

50 minute one-on-one sessions on the reformer, mat, yoga or barre where you’ll receive a highly personalized workout, made to suit your goals…


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