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We love to bring you special events.  Check back here often for new upcoming events.

Restorative Yoga with Reiki & Aromatherapy
Friday, October 27th
6:00-7:30pm with Geri Ann & Susan

Release tension through restorative yoga and rebalance with Reiki. Geri Ann will lead you in poses that will be held for a longer time while she and Susan move around the room sharing the comforting touch of Reiki. Prior to settling in to each pose, Susan will offer select oils for aromatherapy benefits. Space is limited to 12 attendees to ensure the most optimal experience for all.

Cost is $40, participants must sign up ahead.

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Learning TRE®, Breathing techniques, and Self Massage
Sunday, November 26th, 12:00-3:00pm
with Joann

In this therapeutic workshop experience you will learn breathing techniques that support good oxygenation of your tissues and support calming your nervous system, activating your repair and recovery mode.
We’ll use soft foam rollers and small soft balls to build body awareness, move internal fluids, and soften into yourself. Beginning with feet and legs we’ll ground the body through the bigger muscles. When you massage your feet your brain receives safety signals that turn down the pain dial. Moving into the hips and back we’ll iron out stiff spots to support your “internal massage” through the TRE® practice. We’ll finish with a few techniques for your head, neck and hands.

This self message practice will prepare you for your TRE® experience. Clients often describe TRE® as a “massage from the inside.” Take, for example, your psoas muscle. This deep hip flexor muscle attaches to the joints of your low back and lies deep in your pelvis connecting you both top to bottom and front to back. If you’ve ever had someone try to massage your psoas, you understand that is a deep and tricky endeavor! With TRE® your body accesses its own natural shaking mechanism to release tension starting with your adductors (inner thighs) and your psoas muscle. Over time with practice the tremoring, shaking, pulsating of your body’s own natural neurogenic tremor response begins to expand throughout your body where a total tremoring is born. Soothing your nervous system; releasing body tension from the deepest internal structures all the way to your periphery, leaving you feeling whole, centered, present, and at ease.

I will interweave the benefits of this practice throughout our experience and offer you some anatomy visuals and physiological understandings to support you in these practices.

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4 Week Beginner Reformer Series
Sundays at 5:30pm, October 8th -29th
with Lee,  $100

In this 4-week reformer series, you will practice mastering basic movements on the Pilates Reformer machine so you feel prepared to enter any weekly class. You will move your body in all planes to get the ultimate full-body workout. Classes will focus on form and alignment, providing modifications and simple progressions to meet all needs.
Series Plan

Week 1:

Learn the language of Pilates: Learn about all parts of the machine, how to adjust spring tensions and how to setup and move the footbar. Learn how to find your alignment from head to toe and how to use your breath to increase the benefits of each exercise. Find “neutral spine” and a “rib to hip” connection. Practice basic Footwork, Hands in Straps, and Feet in Straps exercises while maintaining a neutral spine.

Week 2:

Challenge your brain with some Coordination exercises. Practice “Round-back” vs “Flat back” exercises, Pilates “roll downs” and “roll ups” using Short Box and Long Box. Feel your back body wake up! Practice Kneeling exercises that help you stabilize in your center facing forward and facing back. Allow your body and mind to relax as it gets more accustomed to the machine, listening to cues. Find your personal rhythm.

Week 3:

Challenge yourself with 1-arm and 1-leg exercises to feel strengths and weaknesses in the body. Pilates props will be introduced in this session. Practice Bridging on the footbar as well as exercises that challenge your balance while the carriage is moving. Learn to keep your alignment in Plank, Scooter and more!

Week 4:

Standing exercises, such as Elephant, Side Splits and Skater will be practiced in this session. Explore side-lying and side-sitting exercises that work your glutes, obliques and hip flexors while turning on your lateral fascial lines. Leave feeling ready and prepared to enter any class on the schedule!

There are no returns, refunds, or credits for missed classes for this series. 

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Sound Healing
Friday, November 24th at 3:00pm
with Geri Ann 

This calming class can settle your busy mind, which may better activate your own internal healer. We'll start with gentle, easy-to-do movement with healing sounds in order to clear tension from the body. You'll then settle on a comfy bolster and chant (or hum!) vowel sounds to cultivate even more tranquility. For the last half of class, you can choose to either meditate seated on your bolster or rest down on your yoga mat as a variety of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and chimes are played.

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Private Sound Bath Sessions
Wednesday & Sunday afternoons (contact for appt.)
with Geri Ann

Want to book your own private Sound Bath Session?
Peace of Mind Pilates now offers private sessions with Geri Ann Higgins (by appointment on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons). A one-on-one session is the perfect way to experience soundwork tailored to your personal preferences. Sessions will incorporate Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, weighted and unweighted tuning forks, a gong, chimes and some other instruments. Book your private sound journey today! A great gift for yourself or a loved one. Private couple options are also available.

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Private Sessions
Pilates, yoga, reformer
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