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Reformer Beginner Series

4 Sunday's in November 
10:15-11:10am with Lissy
4 Monday's in November
5:30-6:25pm with Erin

New to reformer, or maybe its just been while? Take this beginner series to get comfortable on the reformer and feel all the benefits of this magical machine. Learn the basics of Reformer in a fun, relaxed environment. Each class will cover the essentials and have a special focus, such as strengthening the core, freeing the upper back and shoulders, waking up the glutes, developing arm strength or toning the inner thighs. It’s all good! Suitable for a brand-new beginners, those transitioning from PT and anyone who enjoys a mindful pace.

Class is limited to 8, please sign up ahead.  You will get the most out of this by doing all 4 sessions, but you can come as many as is available in your schedule.

TRE® & Yoga workshop

Sunday, Oct. 24th 3-6pm with Joann
$55 pre-registration required

This practice combines yoga & TRE® which stimulates the body’s natural, therapeutic shaking response. This shaking response in humans, much the same as the instinctual shaking in animals (read: dog in a thunderstorm), is the nervous system’s way of discharging long-held tension, or unconscious muscle contractions held in the body (sometimes as a result of accumulated stress, trauma, injury, surgery, or habitual contraction patterns/poor posture) in order to restore the body to the felt sense of wholeness. When the nervous system identifies a threat, vibration or shaking in the body is designed to occur automatically. However, negative social constructs and beliefs around what it means to allow ourselves to shake, tremor, or show vulnerability, condition us out of this innate release mechanism at an early age. TRE® reawakens our body’s intrinsic release mechanism for optimal health.

TRE® & Yoga is a simple, gentle and profound practice that facilitates the lengthening and relaxation of the psoas muscle and the release of physical and emotional stress and tension. During this TRE® & Yoga workshop, you will learn about the stress response, polyvagal theory and how yoga and TRE can support a healthy nervous system. I will then guide you through a series of exercises and yoga postures designed to elicit the tremor response. TRE is intended to be used as a self-help method that is easily learned, has immediate effects and can be integrated into a simple daily routine to help restore a sense of inner-peace and relaxation. This method is based on Dr. David Berceli’s technique of Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises® (TRE®).

Rock in Sand
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Intro to Reformer

Saturday, Oct. 30th 11:30-12:30pm Wednesday, Nov. 17th 4:30-5:30pm

Intro to Reformer
In this class we will break it all down for you. You will learn how the machine works, transition from one exercise to the next, all while being safe and getting comfortable so you can be successful in future classes.

This technique is not only proven to help sculpt strong, lean bodies, it helps correct muscular imbalances, improves posture and balance, increases flexibility, and releases tension, helping your body work in it's most effective level.


Restorative Yoga with Reiki & Aromatherapy
Sunday, Dec. 12th, from 4:30-6:00 pm.
with Geri Ann & Susan

Release tension through restorative yoga and rebalance with Reiki. Geri Ann will lead you in poses that will be held for a longer time while she and Susan move around the room sharing the comforting touch of Reiki. Prior to settling in to each pose, Susan will offer select oils for aromatherapy benefits. Space is limited to 12 attendees to ensure the most optimal experience for all.
Cost is $30, participants must sign up ahead.

Mat Pilates or Reformer & Sip

Monday, November 8th 5:30-7:30 pm
with Stephanie and Laura

Join us for toning, posing, sipping and snacking. We had so much fun the first time, we are doing it again and adding in an additional class - Reformer! We'll start with a 45 minute Pilates class, you pick whether it's Reformer or Mat Pilates, and then we will gather together to enjoy wine and snacks, as part of this collaboration with Essex Experience neighbor Salt & Bubbles Wine Bar and Market. You won't want to miss this fantastic night!