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We update our events frequently so be sure to come back and see what's new!

Reformer 101

Mondays | 6:30pm 

in June & July

Instructor: Rochelle

Pricing: $31 or Reformer Pack

This class is the perfect entry into reformer classes if you’re new to equipment-based Pilates workouts or if you're looking to perfect the Essential exercises in a safe and structured environment.

The pace of these classes allow participants to learn safe and effective techniques to carry forward into other group classes.


Class is limited, please sign up ahead and let us know if you have any serious injuries or limitations.

Men's Reformer (Father's Day)

Sunday, June 16th | 3:00-4:00PM

Instructor: Lee

Pricing: $31 or Reformer Pack

Pilates was started by a MAN named Joseph Pilates. Originally the practice was called “Contrology”. He defined Contrology as “the comprehensive integration of body, mind, and spirit”.

This Father’s Day class is the perfect opportunity for MEN to try out a Reformer practice. Learn how the Reformer machine works and how it might compliment other exercises or training you currently do. This class will focus on strength, core power, increasing mobility, and balance. Gym exercise equipment often strengthens only the superficial muscles; Come see how the Reformer ‘wakes up’ the deeper, more intrinsic muscles in your body.

Pilates & Pints

Monday, June 17th | 5:30-7:30PM

Instructor: Mat-Stephanie


                 Cider-VT Cider Lab

Pricing: Regular scheduled price + $15 cash

We are excited to colaborate with VT Cider Lab for this special, exclusive Event!

Pilates & Pints. Join us for this exclusive event for Peace of Mind Pilates clients. We will enjoy a great workout either on the mat or the Reformer and then move on over to VT Cider Lab. Admission includes tastings, one Pint and light fair.

Open Reformer Practice

Saturday, June 22nd | 11:30-12:30PM

Open Practice

Pricing: $31 or Reformer Pack

Join us for Open Reformer Practice.

You must have at least one year or a regular Reformer practice to attend. There will be no formal instruction during this class. Bring your questions about particular exercises. Improve your form or get more insight to help you better understand teacher cues or do your own practice under Supervision.

Kick-It Pop Up

Tuesday, June 25th | 9:15AM

Tuesday, July 9th | 9:15AM

Instructor: Amy

Pricing: $20 or Punchcard

Kick It is a 13 round, music-driven, kickboxing-inspired fitness class. Rounds include a warm up, high-intensity intervals with kickboxing combinations, low impact core work, and a meditative cooldown. This fun, upbeat class will provide you with a full body workout and leave you feeling strong and empowered. Modifications are offered and all fitness levels are welcome. Bring your water.

Sound Healing

Sunday, June 30th | 4:00PM

Sunday, July 14th | 4:00PM

Instructor: Geri Ann

Pricing: $20 or punchcard

Experience tranquility and activate your internal healer in this calming class.

Find comfort on a cozy bolster and engage in chanting or humming vowel sounds, deepening your sense of tranquility. 

Private Sessions

Contact us to schedule

Instructor: Dependent on needs or availability


$85 (private session)

$95 (private session w/Stephanie)

$110 (duet session)

$400 (5 private sessions)

Experience the power of personalized attention at Peace of Mind Pilates. 

Our private sessions are designed to enhance your practice and bring you closer to your goals. During these one-on-one sessions, our skilled instructors will tailor the program to meet your individual needs.

Private Sound Bath Sessions

Wednesday & Sunday Afternoons

Instructor: Geri Ann

Pricing: $85

Interested in scheduling your exclusive Sound Bath Session?

Peace of Mind Pilates is delighted to present private sessions with Geri Ann Higgins, available by appointment on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons. A personalized one-on-one session provides an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in soundwork tailored to your preferences.

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