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The Reformer: Building a stronger core.

Reformer Pilates is a low-impact workout that will help you feel strong and achieve your goals. Not only does it help create toned, lean bodies, but it also addresses muscle imbalances, improves posture and balance, increases flexibility, and reduces tension for optimal body function.

Reformer Classes

Reformer Beginner Series

If you're new to equipment-based Pilates workouts or aiming to enhance your skills in the Essential exercises within a secure and organized setting, this class series serves as an excellent introduction to reformer classes.

These classes are conducted at a comfortable pace, enabling participants to grasp safe and efficient techniques that can be applied to other group classes in the future.

Due to limited availability, we kindly request you to sign up in advance and inform us about any significant injuries or limitations you may have.

Reformer 101

This class is the perfect entry into reformer classes if you’re new to equipment-based Pilates workouts or if you're looking to perfect the Essential exercises in a safe and structured environment.

The pace of these classes allow participants to learn safe and effective techniques to carry forward into other group classes.


Class is limited, please sign up ahead and let us know if you have any serious injuries or limitations.

Reformer Flow

Designed to provide a dynamic and invigorating workout, our class offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary exercises that effectively target every part of your body. With a focus on developing a robust core, this class moves at a slightly slower pace compared to our Sculpt Class.

Through creative sequences, you'll experience the transformative power of combining different exercises. The feedback from the springs will enhance your muscle engagement, allowing you to better understand the mechanics of your body. By the end of the session, you'll feel empowered, elongated, and deeply connected.

This class is especially well-suited for beginners, as it provides a welcoming and supportive environment to kick-start your fitness journey.

Reformer Sculpt

Introducing our signature reformer class!

In this high-energy reformer class, we focus on elevating your balance, flexibility, and core strength, while simultaneously sculpting lean muscles.

Experience a comprehensive full-body workout as we guide you through a series of carefully crafted strengthening exercises and innovative stretches on the reformer. This unique approach targets your areas of weakness, toning and challenging them, while simultaneously elongating tight muscles. By the end of the session, you'll feel rejuvenated and in perfect alignment to conquer the rest of your day.

For those new to reformer workouts, we recommend starting with our Intro class or Flow class before advancing to our Sculpt class. This will help you establish a solid foundation and prepare you for the next level of challenges.

Reformer Mix-Up

Indulge in a variety-packed session where the options are endless. There is so much to choose from: Tower, jumpboard, chair work, floor exercises, arcs, and weights. With this dealer's choice, boredom is not an option — only a fantastic workout awaits! 

Suitable for all fitness levels.

Reformer Tower

Wanting to enhance or change up your Pilates routine? Try Reformer Tower! The Tower gives you a unique experience connecting the mind and body! Like reformer, this is a full body workout that gives you the opportunity to work on muscle endurance, flexibility, spine mobility, symmetry of the body and spices up all the favorite classics like feet in straps, supine arms, and arm work! This class will force you to slow down.

Reformer Power Hour

Prepare to elevate your Pilates practice with our invigorating Power Hour class!

This class operates at a moderate to fast-paced tempo, incorporating swift transitions and introducing you to a repertoire of advanced exercises. Geared towards individuals who have accumulated extensive experience in Reformer classes and have developed a seamless flow in their transitions, this next-level session offers an opportunity to push your boundaries and intensify your workout.

PLEASE NOTE: To fully benefit from the Power Hour class, we strongly recommend that you have already participated in numerous Sculpt classes. This prior exposure will ensure you are adequately prepared to tackle the heightened challenges and reap the maximum rewards from this exhilarating class.

Reformer Jumpboard

In this class, we attach a Jumpboard to the front end of the Reformer machine, situated near the springs. Jumpboard sessions are aerobic so you get all the benefits of cardio without the high-impact. Engaging in Jumpboard exercises can enhance your strength, coordination, and flexibility. You might get the feeling you are on a trampoline but you will be lying down with your spine and body properly aligned for safety. Jumpboard serves as a low-impact form of cardiovascular training that places minimal stress on your joints.

Incorporating the Pilates jump board into your Reformer routine introduces variety and gentle, joint-friendly cardio workouts. Furthermore, it's not limited to jumping; it can be used for exercises that target your core, upper body, and lower body.

If you're looking for that floaty, free feeling you had as a kid when you were momentarily suspended in the air, join us for a Jumpboard class today!


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