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4-Week Beginner Reformer Series

Sundays, March 3rd - 24th | 2:00PM

Instructor: Rachel

Pricing: $100

Join our 4-week reformer series and master the foundations of Pilates!

Throughout this series, you'll develop a solid foundation in the basic movements of the Pilates Reformer machine, equipping you to confidently participate in any weekly class. Experience a comprehensive full-body workout as you move in all planes of motion.

Each class will prioritize proper form and alignment, offering modifications and simple progressions to cater to individual needs. 

Here's a breakdown of the series plan:

Week 1:

  • Learn the language of Pilates and familiarize yourself with the machine.

  • Discover how to adjust spring tensions, set up and move the footbar.

  • Establish alignment from head to toe and enhance the benefits of each exercise through breath control.

  • Focus on basic Footwork, Hands in Straps, and Feet-in-Straps exercises while maintaining neutral spine alignment.

Week 2:

  • Engage your mind with coordination exercises.

  • Differentiate between "Round-back" and "Flat-back" exercises.

  • Practice Pilates "roll-downs" and "roll-ups" using the Short Box and Long Box.

  • Awaken your back body and enhance stability through kneeling exercises.

  • Cultivate relaxation and find your personal rhythm with increased familiarity with the machine.

Week 3:

  • Challenge yourself with one-arm and one-leg exercises, identifying strengths and weaknesses.

  • Introduce Pilates props to enhance your practice.

  • Explore Bridging on the footbar and balance-challenging exercises with moving carriage.

  • Learn to maintain alignment in Plank, Scooter, and more.

Week 4:

  • Delve into standing exercises like Elephant, Side Splits, and Skater.

  • Engage your glutes, obliques, and hip flexors with side-lying and side-sitting exercises that activate your lateral fascial lines.

  • Feel confident and prepared to join any class on our schedule!

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